ALD - a versatile thin-film coating solution for wearables and medical devices

    As digital healthcare has progressed significantly in recent years, the use of wearables and other electronic devices has increased and become a focus of active research and development.
    To ensure long lifetime and proper device functionality, the device’s components must be protected from the outer environment. A protective coating can provide hermetic sealing, increase structural integrity and corrosion resistance, and prevent the device from causing irritation or other unwanted effects to the user. The perfect protective coating needs to be a biocompatible, pinhole-free barrier capable of uniformly encasing devices that have a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
    Join our webinar to learn more about how ALD can benefit the MedTech industry and create added value and competitive edge to digital healthcare products. We will present the latest results of ALD as a protective barrier, and provide practical examples of ALD coating for purposes such as implantable medical devices.
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