Tuneable YAlOx protective coatings against plasma damage

    Meeting the requirements in future semiconductor fabrication processes
    Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) enabled corrosion protection solutions against plasma etch are becoming more sought after in the semiconductor industry. Current wafer fabrication process flows include several steps where plasma etching is necessary. An inevitable consequence of using such strong etching chemicals is that the tool itself will be etched. This tool damage can be managed by applying a corrosion-resistant coating to the etch tool to minimize plasma damage.

    Our approach is to combine the highly-etch-resistant Y2O3 ALD process with more robust ALD processes, such as Al2O3 or ZrO2. It has been shown that to gain most of the benefits from Y2O3 its molar concentration can be less than half in a composite oxide.

    Watch the 10 minute webinar where we demonstrate that a high performance ALD corrosion barrier deposition with the speed and convenience of Al2O3 process and durability of Y2O3 can be achieved by carefully controlling the film composition, and that the process is transferrable to an industrial scale deposition chamber.

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