ALD/MLD thin film encapsulation

    Production-suitable 200 mm batch ALD/MLD thin film encapsulation toward flexible OLED manufacturing
    Organic electronics have rapidly become a mainstream technology due to their desired properties like low weight, high energy efficiency, flexibility and low manufacturing costs. Today, thin film encapsulation solutions are a key enabling technology in organic electronics as they can mitigate one of the biggest downsides - susceptibility to oxidation by moisture.

    Thin film encapsulation solutions rely heavily on vacuum-based thin film deposition techniques like ALD and MLD. However, to avoid bottlenecks in manufacturing, these processes need to be scaled up.

    In this webinar, we present characterization and scale up results of a thin film encapsulation solution, demonstrated by scaling a previously small scale process into a production-proven 200 mm batch ALD system. Deposited films delivered excellent moisture barrier properties and showed degree of flexibility unattainable by monolithic ALD films.

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