ALD and MLD - generating advanced functional properties

    Atomic layer deposition (ALD) and molecular layer deposition (MLD) together present an elegant technique for the deposition of novel inorganic-organic materials.
    In contrary to traditional solution-based methods, these hybrid materials are deposited in high-quality thin film form, even on high-aspect ratio structures, which is often a prerequisite for practical applications. Most interestingly, thin film materials grown by the ALD-MLD technique combine the intrinsic properties of both inorganic and organic constituents, generating advanced functional properties required for next-generation applications.
    In this webinar, a general overview of ALD-MLD is given and exciting examples of state-of-the-art inorganic-organic thin films are presented, including photoactive ferrimagnetic hybrid thin films for optical data storage and thermoelectric hybrid thin films for wearable energy harvesting devices enabled by ALD-MLD.
    We will also discuss some of the intrinsic technical challenges that organic precursors possess, and how to tackle these issues to transfer the deposition processes from the often-utilized research-orientated reactors to industry-type reactor setups. 
    Speaker: Topias Jussila
    Doctoral Researcher, Aalto University
    Topias recording-1
    Topias Jussila is a second year PhD student at the Department of Chemistry and Materials Science, Aalto University, Finland. Topias carried out his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at the University of Helsinki and Master’s degree in Functional Materials at Aalto University. For the past two years, Topias has worked intensively with atomic layer deposition (ALD) and molecular layer deposition (MLD) with a target to develop novel thin film materials with advanced functional properties, having the main focus in iron-based inorganic and inorganic-organic materials. In addition to deposition process development, he has employed a wide range of thin film characterization methods to study the composition, structure, and functional properties of the thin films.